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Escape Plan: Ditch The Rat Race, Discover The World. Buy Now!

Do you dream of travelling the world but are worried about the cost? Well take a look at this - Texas to London for $197. Bogota to Rome for $285. Furnished apartments for $10 a day. Language tutors for $5 an hour. Banks with no exchange fees. Yes, these things do happen. Escape Plan Book teaches you how to travel across the world at very cheap rates!

If You Find Yourself on This List You Need This Book:

  • The nuts and bolts of World Travel.
  • Cheap flights. I thought that my flight from Bogota to Rome for $285 was pretty great.
  • Learning a language cheaper and faster.
  • Cell phones. Phone bills can run up enormous costs if you don't know what you're doing.
  • Bank fees can suck out up to an extra 20% off every withdrawal you make, my bank recommendations can take that down to 0%.
  • Visas.Visas. Follow the advice in Escape Plan and you'll make sure get one and dont get turned away from the border.
  • Insurance. Most travel insurance you'll purchase is way overpriced. We give our recommendations for the top international insurance companies.
  • How to find local friends anywhere you go.

Escape Plan: Ditch The Rat Race, Discover The World. Buy Now!

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