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Get Your Federal Firearms License. Buy Now!

You decide to purchase a gun and want a firearms license but are not sure of how to get one? FFL Kit - an industry leader- will guide you in obtaining your ffl license.

Benefits of FFL Kit are:

  • A Quick Start Guide, with step by step instructions for completing the application
  • A detailed instructional Guide, updated for 2013, with everything you need to know
  • A comprehensive file for BATF field offices, including phone numbers
  • BATF-Approved Acquisitions & Dispositions Book (to log your gun sales)
  • An extensive chapter devoted to Day to Day Operational Issues, a Summary of Record Keeping Requirements, and current copies of relevant forms, where available
  • A list of our favorite wholesalers
  • The required yellow BATF Wall Sign. Another item that is easy to forget but that can burn you if you don't comply
  • Full Access to our FFL Applicant Mega Site, an Internet site dedicated to providing you with links to every important piece of information on the Internet related to becoming or doing business as a gun dealer in the United States. AND NOT OFFERED ELSEWHERE

Get Your Federal Firearms License. Buy Now!

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