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Btvsolo Music Production Software - Best Of 2012. Buy Now!

Wannabe a music producer but dont know where to start? Try BTV Solo that produces wall pounding, hip hop and electronic beats using your PC Or Mac. Crowned the 'Best DJ Innovation' of 2012 by DJ Zone -The world's largest DJ magazine. Internationally acclaimed and sold in 23 countries and still counting! You can instantly start making music, make beats, trance music, electro, techno, rave, dance, rap, music video and much more! Beat making with BTV Solo is same as beat making beat thang virtual but at much lesser price!

These are some of the benefits you get with BTV Solo:

  • Produce pulsating music using step by step training videos and live support from real producers and engineers.
  • Get upgrades to future expansions for lifetime.
  • Easily add new sounds and upgrade features as your skills grow.
  • It comes loaded with over 1,000 professionally engineered sounds from the engineers at BKE and from Grammy-winner Dallas Austin.
  • It works using only your computer keyboard
  • Built-in mixer for adjusting volume, panning, effects, frequency, and much more.
  • An onboard effects rack with over 60 effects including phasers, flangers, pitch-shifters, high pass/low pass filters, compressors, limitors, reverbs, delays, and more for fine control over your music.
  • Advanced sample editing tools for clear waveform editing- including autochop, timestretch, normalize, pitch-shifting and more to produce professional music!

Btvsolo Music Production Software - Best Of 2012. Buy Now!

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