Quick play and getting to the ball quickly are essential
for success. This drill incorporates quick movement,
quick thinking, quick communication and accurate

Divide players into teams of two. Have a predetermined
task (push-ups, sit-ups, stairs, wall jumps, wall sits,
lunges…) prepared. Their task is to get two touches on
the ball with the second touch being passed toward the
designated target.

You or an assistant can toss or throw balls at pairs.
Make sure the tosses require players to move.

The first touch should be difficult to get to but not
impossible. Players have to call the first touch and the
player who will have the second touch needs to
communicate with their partner where they are.

The player with the second touch needs to pass the ball
to the designated target. Point scored for balls passed
to the intended target. The first pair to 11 wins and does
not have to do the predetermined task.

You can have teams compete against each other by
having pairs toss balls to opposing pairs. Have a
designated target between the teams. Same rules apply
and the first team to 11 wins. Winning team moves on
and the losing team does the predetermined task.

This drill is easy to run and doesn’t require a full court or
net. You can run this drill just about anywhere and
players generally love the drill because it is fast paced
and challenging.

An important part of this drill is communication so make
sure you are hearing players communicating with each