Beat Thang Solo Unleashed

It’s a beat maker, workstation, production tool, sequencer… midi… It has a ton of features!! But – more importantly, it’s presented by Dallas Austin, producer for some of the biggest names in music. It’s the same gear he uses to make all his records…
Favorite features right now are the swing settings, the quantized roll, and you can tell they went to work with the sound kits the quality is wow good. It’s a core addition to any setup – and works seamlessly with midi keyboards and pad controllers on PC or MAC. The quick FX and custom filters per channel are also impressive.
So you can put that talent or interest in music to the test without dropping top dollar today. You never know, you might unleash that monster inside you as this music production stuff moves fast and gets quite addicting! You can also move up in this biz quickly with the right tools and sounds…

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